Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 6 Day 37

Monday dinner? Well, not typically. Our family usually joins my brother's family every Sunday for "Family Dinner", something we decided to do when we moved here four years ago. So we alternate houses and the kids look forward to hanging out with their cousins. It is our little way to catch up as we don't always cross paths in our daily lives.

Lately my brother James has been in Tupelo, busy opening a very successful Buffalo Wild Wings, so we have not been able to have him for Sunday dinner. We miss him! Since he happened to be home Monday, they had us for Monday night dinner and it was good to hang out and visit. Here we are being silly while Sarah snapped pictures of us. I can't believe I am publishing this photo because I absolutely hate the way I look - pudgy, tired and old. But I love the way I was feeling ~ happy and full of laughter! Love you James!

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