Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 4 Day 35

It may be awhile before I get to pick a movie. I dragged the family out to see The Iron Lady, a movie about Margaret Thatcher played by Meryle Streep. Well I love her as an actress and I find historical dramas fascinating, so why wouldn't the kids? I can honestly say we were the youngest four people inside the theatre.

I was hoping the story would be so gripping and interesting that I would teach my kids ~ history is entertaining. However, I felt the movie fell short. Way short. It was kind of disjointed and hard to follow if you are a 12 year old who wasn't even alive for the Falkand Islands, or the Iron Miners strikes, or the terrorist bombings in the 1980s. Sigh. I tried.

Probably the most unbearable part was as we were walking in and I asked a man to shoot our picture in front of the movie poster. My kids were dying ~ and I, of course, was laughing! Hey, it is my job and my right to embarrass my kids! Love you guys!

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