Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on My 365 Day Photo Project

Okay, already it is the second month of the year and I am falling behind! I am mocked for taking photos all the time, yet some how can not keep up with a simple photo a day. I think part of my problem is blogging it. Not every day needs a story or explanation. Some (actually most) of my days are fairly uneventful and just "normal". So I am going to attempt to bring you 'up to date' on my photos, minus the days I didn't take any. In the past I have not had the best of luck posting several photos, but we will see.

So here are the photos from the past two weeks!

Feb 18 - Teri's sweet mother threw a luncheon for her friends as a thank you for helping Teri during her adoption and hosting her shower. Georgianna made the most tasty and wonderful dishes and paired each course with a champagne or wine. It was such a treat and a wonderful way to visit and relax with good friends!

Feb. 16 - It was time to show our homeowners the research we had done on traffic calming. Stephanie (pictured here) led the meeting at city hall. While we were excited about the fact that we had city councilmen and the chief of police in attendance to help us field questions, only 9 homeowners showed up. I was very proud of Stephanie for the way she handled the meeting especially since she was sick! This whole HOA has really helped us form a friendship and I am glad we have had the chance to get to know one another. She is a real spit fire and we both laugh a lot when we hang out. Laughter is always good medicine! We talk a lot on the phone due to HOA stuff. (Although my kids think she is the "only person who ever calls" me!) I am blessed to have become her friend.

February 14 - Happy Heart Day! Just some treats waiting for my kids upon their arrival home from school. Love them! :)

Feb. 13 - Sarah was trying to pick classes for her sophomore year. In February?!!? But, anyway she was contemplating taking Greek & Roman Mythology as an elective. She is already taking a pretty heavy load of honors classes including: Honors Algebra II, Honors English II, Honors Chemistry and Honors French. So we were thinking, she should take a "fun" elective. I guess neither Vince and I think mythology is fun. We were also afraid she would be taking an elective that was hard. So in the course of our conversations with her, Ben (who LOVES mythology) decided he would test her knowledge by creating a crossword puzzle with mythological gods and goddesses as the answers. He really poured his heart into it! So stinking cute.

And just so you are not left wondering, she decided not to take mythology after all...she decided to do Civil War History.

February 10 - Teri's birthday. Her favorite is German Chocolate I set myself to baking and I must say (although it didn't look perfect) it was tasty!!

February 9 - Okay, so maybe Spring Hill, TN is not a booming metropolis or maybe we just live in the sticks, but this was a first for me, so I had to take a photo of it. It was the first "charging" station I had seen. It was set up in front of our Kohl's as a courtesy to electric car drivers. Personally, I think there are more pregnant moms than electric cars in our town but who I am to decide who gets the parking spots closest to the store??

February 7 - This photo so does NOT do just to the majestic moon rising. It was breathtaking and fabulous, but this was the best I could capture on my camera. I just am a moon lover! So peaceful and quiet and unpretentious. Love it!

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